Visit to Kenya in January 2009

Professor Karin U Schallreuter from the Institute for Pigmentary Disorders, in association with EM Arndt University Greifswald/Germany and University of Bradford/UK, and Stella Pavlides, President of the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, went to Kenya to help patients with Vitiligo


Vitiligo is characterised by the loss of the inherited skin colour presenting a serious skin condition in dark skin. Sufferers are marked by disfiguring white spots. Often these people are target to staring, questions and bulling by others. In Kenya affected individuals are often treated as outcasts and frequently they are characterised as cursed or bewitched. Treatment is difficult due to limited health funding.

AVRF has donated a Narrow band UVB cabinet to the Kenyattan National Hospital in Nairobi in order to offer this treatment modality to all patients seeking help, regardless whether they can pay or not.

In January Professor Schallreuter went to Nairobi to explain this treatment modality in details to her colleagues. Moreover, she was giving an extensive lecture on the subject of Vitiligo to members of staff and to local dermatologists.

The stay included a visit to the children’s cancer ward where the donation of 40 teddy bears, a generous gift from AVRF and “Build a bear”, created a big surprise and a big fun to the little patients.



Both education and treatment are in demand in Kenya!

If you wish to support education and treatment for vitiligo, please contact:  or

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